Winter 2020

All games are 3 sets. The team that wins best of 3 sets (i.e. minimum 2 out of 3 sets) is declared the winning team and will receive 1 point. In the event two or more teams have the same number of points, the team with the most number of sets won will be used to determine the higher placed team in the standings. 

The charts below are intended to read left to right. 


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Tripleball (TB) League (Gr. 6/7)

Jr. ICP League  (Gr. 8/9 + club teams)

NOTE: when referring to the standings, 14UB (Coach Chad) team name is Storm. 14UY  (Coach Brandy) team name is Blaze.

Sr. ICP League (Gr. 10-12 + club teams)

NOTE: Winning points for the 14U Club teams will be carried over from the Jr. League and also considered here.