FALL 2020
Mini Volleyball
Grades 1-2
Our mini volleyball program is so much fun!

Mini-Volley is an approach for introducing children to the game of volleyball. 

The traditional game is adapted to the specific needs and abilities of the participants. 

These adaptations include varying the number of players, altering the court size, adjusting the height of the net, and using bigger and lighter balls.

Different game formats such as 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3 and 4 vs. 4 are used. 

Various rules are also adapted to encourage longer rallies and decrease the difficulty of skill execution. 

The objective of these adaptations is to encourage learning, promote success, and increase the enjoyment for the participants.

When the game is properly adapted for the age and abilities of the participants, they experience more success, enjoy the activity, and want to play more often!



Grades 1&2


Saturdays 9:00-10:00 AM

@St. Elizabeth School

Session Dates: 

May 2, May 9, May 23, May 30, June 6, June 13

Registration is now closed.

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