Invites to Teamsnap sent opening weeked


Practice/training sessions will be held at the Queen City Volleyball Club's training facility located at 1802 B Stock Rd.

See map HERE! 


The Volleybarn is currently closed due to City of Regina facility regulations.


We will move our sessions back to the Volleybarn once these regulations change.

May 1/8

                        Court 1         Court 2      Court 3

3:30 PM            TB1               TB2             TB3

4:30 PM            TB4               TB7             TB6

5:30 PM            TB5               TB8            TB10

6:30 PM            TB9             JRICP1        JRICP2

7:30 PM         JRICP3          JRICP4        JRICP5

8:30 PM         JRICP7          JRICP6        JRICP8

May 2/9

                        Court 1           Court 2      Court 3

9:30 AM             MV1                  MV2             MV3

10:30 PM           MV4                  MV5             LTP1

11:30 PM           LTP2                 LTP3            LTP4

12:30 PM           LTP5                  AV1              AV2

1:30 PM           SRICP1             SRICP4          LTP6

The Return to the Volleybarn

We are planning for the re-opening of the Volleybarn effective May 14.

Below is the revised schedule to accommodate our return to our home facility. 

May 14/21/28
June 4/11/18
May 15/22/29
June 5/12/19
May 16/23/30
June 6/13/20

                  Court 1        Court 2

4:30 PM    SRICP1        SRICP2

5:45 PM    JRICP1         JRICP2

7:00 PM    JRICP3         JRICP4

8:15 PM    JRICP5         JRICP6

                  Court 1        Court 2

9:00 AM       TB1              TB2

10:15 AM     TB3              TB4

11:30 AM     TB5              TB6

12:45 PM     TB7              TB8

2:00 PM       TB9             TB10

3:15 PM    JRICP1         JRICP2

4:30 PM    JRICP3         JRICP4

5:45 PM    JRICP5         JRICP6

7:00 PM    JRICP7         JRICP8

                  Court 1        Court 2

9:00 AM      MV1             MV2

10:15 AM    MV3             MV4

11:30 AM    MV5             LTP1

12:45 PM    LTP2            LTP3

2:00 PM      LTP4            LTP5

3:15 PM      LTP6            ATV1

4:30 PM      ATV2          SRICP1

5:45 PM    SRICP2        JRICP7

7:00 PM    JRICP8

NOTE: Team placement will be FINAL. Player placement and/or schedule requests will NOT be accommodated.


Each team will be given a teamsnap account to organize schedules, communicate with parents/coaches, update player availability, and to complete the Daily Health Check required to permit safe participation. 

Invites to teamsnap will be sent to players just prior to opening weekend. 

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