As our goal has always remained to host programming in the capacity restrictions allow us to do so, we will be running practice/training sessions for your player to keep them active as we continue to navigate through government guidelines.

Below you will find the schedule currently established for league teams. Further dates/times will be finalized as we learn more about government restrictions. We will continue to update this webpage with any new information.

If you have not received your welcome email and team placement, please email us


Invites to Teamsnap will be sent just prior to your team's practice/training start date (by Jan. 21th).

Please attest to Teamsnap's Daily Health Check  prior to your team's scheduled practice to allow safe participation. Health Checks must be completed before EVERY session. Health Checks become available 8 hours before scheduled practice time.

Click HERE to learn how to complete your player's Daily Health Check!

For all Teamsnap help or troubleshooting, or to learn the app's features, check out Teamsnap's Playbook.

If you are unable to access Teamsnap's Health Check for whatever reason, a Daily Attestation must be printed, signed, and sent with your player to allow for safe participation. 

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