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What Do Video Production Companies Do?

Video production companies are involved in anything that pertains to the process of producing video content outside of the world of traditional cinema. A video production company might work on video content intended for the web, television, social media, corporate promotions, or other media channels, and involves a number of important elements. Some of the primary functions of a video production company include tasks such as planning, scripting, editing, storyboarding, lighting, directing, shooting, logistics, and post-production work, among others.

What is a Commercial Production?

In the context of video production, a commercial production refers to the process of creating video content intended to sell or brand a product, service or company. Examples of commercial productions would include the production of television or web commercials, short videos intended for social media, corporate video productions like training videos, etc.

What Does Video Production Mean?

Simply put, the term “video production” pertains to any and all things related to the production of a video, whether that production is intended to be shown on television, in online promotions, used in social media, or in a corporate environment. Some of the fundamental parts of video production involves things such as storyboarding, scripting, location scouting, lighting, directing, filming, editing and logistics.

What is the Video Production Process?

The video production process can be divided into several general categories, including the development phase, the pre-production phase, the actual production itself, the post-production process and then finally the distribution of the product.

What are the 3 Stages of Video Production?

A successful video production will always involve three fundamental phases: The first is pre-production, which includes a great deal of planning and logistics. The second is the actual filming itself. Third and final is the post-production process, which involves editing, voice-overs, and other steps.